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Red eyes narrow. His head turns and the male inhales sharply.

There, that lovely woman who had spoken to him. She really was beautiful in her own, dark grotesque way.

…he’d seen her. It was a little too late to leave without being noticed. Oh well. Nothing much…

"Lenore, right?" Roppi asked gently, his gaze narrowing at he watched her move. Almost like he was afraid of her nearing—or just the idea of contact.

"Mmhmm." She nodded her head, tapping the sharp, metal tip of her umbrella- which she had remembered to carry with her this time- on the ground. 

Lenore leaned on the handle, studying him carefully. Something was definitely off, but she wouldn’t pry. Not with her words, and not with her mind. She was about burnt out with using her mind. “Funny that we should meet again in a not-so-conspicuous place.”

“Funny you would say that.” Roppi responded. He leaned back, turning his attention back to what he had been staring at.

"Have you ever fallen inlove?"

Lenore froze at the sudden question. She stared down at the ground and felt her hands begin to shake every so slightly. Had she…ever…? She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Ever…fallen in love? 

A miserable creature like you who doesn’t give love doesn’t deserve any. She sighed and swatted the thought away. Gripping the umbrella handle a little too tightly with both hands, she composed herself and answered as nonchalantly as she could manage, “Can’t say that I have. Why?”

“It hurts.” He said simply. Roppi’s experiences with love never ended up great. In fact. He always ended up as either to protective, to laid back or never good enough.

"A lot."

She blinked, then offered him a sad smile. “I can imagine. Perhaps that’s why they refer to it as ‘falling in love’. It’s implied that once you’ve hit the bottom, it’s going to break you apart,” she sighed.

Wrapping her mind around such foreign concepts was difficult for Lenore. She just didn’t understand how to fall in love or recover from it.

"Strange words. From a strange person." Roppi laughed, a hand to his cheek. "Oh. You really intrigue me. What brings you here?"

"Nothing, really. I just enjoy being out and getting away from…troubling things," Lenore answered, shrugging her shoulders. That had been the beginning reason, anyway. 

She gave him another small smile before asking, “Any reason why you’re out here?”


My sister sent me a link to a Doof Daily, a thing that Disney is doing on youtube where Dr. Doofenshmirtz is talking about internet acronyms and he has made up his own and one of them is rihnihtwgimhf


which I think is pretty long but then he explains what it means


and I die of laughter

The video: [x]

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Mekakucity Actors
have you guys (and gals) ever met your genderbent selfs? if so, how was it? did you get along? did you go vs. to see whose the best? (Jeff?)


i think about this gif every day


The spirit made from nothing, a holy vessel
The human he once was, born to die alone
The demon he slays, its existence a curse unto itself
God loves them all the same.